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The building features various rooms, each with its own style, ranging from chic and modern to industrial and historical. Some are suitable for a few dozen people, while others can accommodate a few hundred. Each room allows for a variety of events, and we can create any atmosphere you desire. Curious about how this looks? Take a look at the map.

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De Hef

Next to the Wintertuin is the Hef. This room can be accessed through the glass doors from the Wintertuin and owes its name to the nearby historic bridge. The room is an intimate high space with a modern white bar, a real eye-catcher. Two windows fitted with wooden blinds provide daylight in this area. Surrounding the modern white lounge sofa fills the rest of the space. This room can be used well in combination with the Wintertuin. Opening all the doors creates a very spacious feeling. However, you can also rent the room separately. In that case, the Hef serves excellently as a meeting venue.

De Wintertuin

The Wintertuin has an impressive appearance, not least because of the characteristic tree. Once started as a ficus plant, it has now grown into a tree of 18 (!) meters. This former courtyard of the building has a glass roof that fills the room optimally with daylight. Two eye-catching chandeliers adorn the space. The large arched windows along the sides serve as passages to the connecting rooms, named after the nicknames of the nearby bridges. This allows the space to be used both separately and together.

De Zwaan

Identical to the Hef, next to the Wintertuin, you’ll find the Zwaan. This room is slightly larger in size than the Hef but otherwise quite similar. This room also owes it’s name to a well-known Rotterdam bridge. The modern, white bar together with the large lounge sofas surrounded by small poufs create an elegant style. This space is also accessible through the glass doors and therefore well-suited for use in combination with the Wintertuin. In that case, the rooms together are particularly suitable for a corporate party or congress. On its own, the Zwaan is suitable for a meeting or reception.

De Branderij

In the second part of the venue is the Branderij. Here, industrial contours are combined with a contemporary wooden floor and classic mirrors. Nostalgia from the past with a modern twist. The space can be enlarged by opening the curtains between the arches to the Stokerij. This makes it suitable for company parties and presentations for various group sizes.

De Stokerij

Next to the Branderij is the Stokerij. A room virtually identical to the Branderij. This means that the rooms can be used both separately and combined. Surrounding the Branderij is a visible balcony. This adds an extra dimension to the room. Guests get a nice overview of what is happening on the floor, and moreover, it gives photographers a unique opportunity to take beautiful photos from a higher perspective.